Spring Advisory Referendum Information

The Forestville Town Board has been investigating a town-wide garbage and recycling pickup. From our limited research, it appears that there is growing interest being shown by town residents.

Currently, many individuals contract with private companies to have garbage and recycling picked up on a weekly basis. Your Town Board asked for information about community-wide services from other municipalities and at least one commercial provider to get a sense of the cost and associated administration of such a program for the Town of Forestville.

If adopted, the cost of service would be added to every residential real estate bill. This would be residential pickup only – there will be no commercial option.

Estimated cost for each residence would be approximately 65-70% of the rate currently charged by private companies if the Town Board would choose to contract for community-wide garbage and recycling services.

Therefore, your Town Board is looking for your guidance. An advisory referendum question will be placed on the ballot for the April 7, 2020 election. Please provide your opinion by voting either YES or NO during the Spring Election.

Click here to view a copy of the letter being sent to every town residence.